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Midwest Open MRI accepted insurance

Midwest Open Mri Accepted insurance

Insurances Accepted

We are a provider of Unity, GHC, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Alliance and Health EOS, in addition to the insurance coverage represented on the following list: 

Midwest Open MRI is currently contracted with over 70 insurance companies, networks, managed care, and governmental health plans.  Please call our office for assistance to determine if we are contracted with your insurance company.

Midwest Open MRI will submit claims to insurance companies on behalf of our patients.  It is essential that we receive complete and accurate information as this reduces the chance of patient liability.  It is important that patients know and understand their insurance coverage.  Ultimately the patient is responsible for payment of the account, including any balance not covered by insurance.  We will send statements for any balance owed after payment is received from the insurance companies.

Our scheduling and billing specialists with verify eligibility and secure pre-authorizations if required.  It is recommended, however, that patients contact their insurance companies prior to the exam to verify that the MRI is a covered benefit and confirm that all referral requirements are in place.

​If a patient does not have medical insurance, we will inform the patient of the self-pay amount and procedures.  We will also work with patients in setting up payment plans for balances due.